We provide many services to organzations

  • Succession Planning
  • Board of Directors and Leadership Assessment and Coaching
  • Establishing a Leadership Model
  • Culture Audits
  • Organizational Change Models
  • Facilitation and Workshops

We are passionate about coaching organizations to create a healthy cultures. Leaders of an organization create the culture for employees to contribute, achieve and develop. A healthy culture is reflected by

  • motivated, empowered and growing employees to preform their best
  • clarity of roles, responsibilities, policies, procedures and guide rails
  • employees buy in toward understanding and contributing to the mission of the organization
  • a feeling of recognition by employees from leadership for their contribution
  • productive and cohesive working relationships that reflect unity to the mission of the organization
  • employees who believe they opportunity to learn and grow

We want to coach leaders to create organizations that not only achieve outstanding results, but also create an outstanding place for employees to contribute, develop and thrive.