Dixon Leadership specializes in helping leaders lead more effectively. We utilize emotional intelligence as the foundation for developing effective leaders because studies have shown that individuals with higher levels of emotional intelligence are able to lead more effectively.

For assessing emotional intelligence, we utilize MHS, Inc.’s Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi®). The EQi 2.0® assessment measures one’s self-reported potential to deal with daily environmental demands and pressures, and helps predict one’s success in both professional and personal pursuits. Dr. Reuven Bar-On initially developed the EQi® assessment 20 years ago. The EQi® report is the leading measure of self-report social emotional intelligence and has been completed by over 1 million people  worldwide.  

Learning to lead with higher levels of emotional intelligence plays a large role in effectiveness.  Let Dixon Leadership help you grow in your leadership potential by contacting us at 210-825-4401 or scott@dixonleadership.com to schedule an appointment or to learn more.